The Good Life...

Posted by Ryan Thimm

...for the young, old, and everyone in between!

The country atmosphere pervades the good life in and around the Community of Glidden, Wisconsin. The lumbering boom in the early part of the 20th century saw the founding of Glidden. It soon became an active center of the lumber trade. Today a few old-timers recount tales of lumberjacking and "the good old days," and even now Glidden remains a center for many lumbering operations. Picture 1912.

Businesses of every type prosper in Glidden, including the forest products industry, which includes a forest naturals industry; Winter Woods, Inc. Glidden offers much more such as three churches in which to worship and an excellent pre-K-12 educational system, complimented by the new consolidated Chequamegon School District.

Parks for picnicking, camping, nature studies and outdoor recreation dot the area. Marion Park is located in a beautiful wooded setting of 20 acres and is the site of the Marion Park Pavilion listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Pavilion is a dome building and at one time was the largest wood domed buidling in Wisconsin without a center support.


The park also has a baseball field, a playground for young children and hosts the Glidden Community Fair every Labor Day weekend.

The beauty of the area is apparent when you travel the "Natural Scenic Byway" from Glidden to Clam Lake, located within the Chequamegon National Forest. There are also miles of Forest Roads available for scenic drives or you can "get away from it all" on many hiking trails in your National Forest. Autumn leaves become the photographer's paradise when the splendid "colorama" season is in full glory.

The Northern Continental Divide is marked by a large sign a few miles north of Glidden. Here the north flowing waters run to the Gulf of St Lawrence and on to the Atlantic Ocean while streams south of the divide flow to eventually reach the Gulf of Mexico.